ASEAN Centrality and Regional Collaboration 東協的核心地位與區域合作

Post date:2018-09-07
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ASEAN’s constituent economies grow more individually mature and more collectively attractive to observers from both near and far, who in turn stand to gain from investing early and impactfully. ASEAN thus stands at a crossroads, where it finds itself faced with choices that will enable it to more proactively shape its relationships with the rest of the world. It will thus become ever more important in the coming years that the grouping stands united and whole, even in the face of challenges and opportunities alike, that will threaten to chip away at its hard-won solidarity. This Public Talk will see five experts on ASEAN deliver short presentations on various aspects of inter-ASEAN interaction, along with the grouping’s relationship with the wider world.

Simon Tay, Chairman, Singapore Institute of International Affairs
Hank Lim, Chairperson, ERIA Research Institutes Network Meeting
Manu Bhaskaran, Chief Executive, Centennial Asia Advisors
Oh Ei Sun, Senior Adviser, Asia Strategy and Leadership Institute
Yeo Lay Hwee, Director, European Union Centre



地點:國立政治大學綜合院館三樓 演講廳


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