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Date 2023-06-01

Opportunities and Challenges for China and the Indo-Pacific after the Pandemic Symposium


Call for Papers


Institute of International Relations

 National Chengchi University


In December 2022, the Chinese government announced the relaxation of its COVID-19 containment measures with the introduction of its New Ten Measures, thereby ending its Zero-COVID policy. Zero-COVID has had a profound impact on China, and our symposium aims to explore how it has transformed the country and its role in the Indo-Pacific region and what challenges and opportunities the campaign has created since the pandemic. We invite scholarly contributions that delve into various aspects of China’s decision-making, governance, state-society relations, economy, and foreign relations in the post-pandemic era. Our symposium welcomes submissions from around the globe and especially from countries in the Indo-Pacific region that are focused on the following themes.


1. Post-pandemic decision-making and governance in China:
This theme encompasses the entire process of epidemic prevention and control that is crucial for understanding responses to the pandemic. Potential subtopics include specialized governance, decision-making on public health issues, central vs. local relations, crisis management, and targeted support.


2. Transformations in state-society relations in China in the post-pandemic era:
This theme explores the dynamics of political trust, propaganda, health codes, human rights, and experiences with technology-enabled social stability.


3. The prospects of China’s economic development after the pandemic:
This theme examines the implications of the pandemic for China’s domestic demand, economic recovery, industrial production, and the influence of the Belt and Road Initiative. We also welcome studies on the impact of the pandemic on the biotechnology industry with respect to epidemic prevention.


4. China’s foreign relations in the post-pandemic era:
This theme investigates the effects of vaccine diplomacy on China’s image and international standing, the country’s extensive efforts at external propaganda, and the responses of Indo-Pacific countries to its epidemic prevention diplomacy. We especially welcome papers that analyze the impact of China’s diplomatic actions on U.S.-China relations.


This symposium will be held in Taipei on March 21 and 22 and seeks contributions in the form of both invited and called for papers with a total of 12 for presentation and publication. Please submit a 250-word abstract with 3 to 4 key words, your name, and academic affiliation by July 31, 2023 to ywhu@nccu.edu.tw . Selected authors will receive an honorable remuneration for their papers along with coverage for a roundtrip economy-class flight and three nights’ accommodation at the conference’s designated hotel.

Please note that by accepting your participation in the symposium, you acknowledge and agree that the organizer will hold the first publication rights to your paper. We plan to organize an Issues & Studies special issue and/or an edited volume project after its conclusion.


The title should be unpublished, concise, clear, and reflective of the content of the paper. Creative titles will also be accepted provided they fall within the guidelines. The final paper should be 8,000 to 10,000 words on average, including the abstract, appendices, and tables, etc. and excluding references. We appreciate consistency in citations and prefer the style of the journal Issues & Studies. See this link for the I&S style guide. Authors must submit their completed papers by March 15, 2024.


For any questions or concerns, please address an email to: ywhu@nccu.edu.tw  

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